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My name is Lucinda; I'm 20 from England. I study design. I love the outdoors. Pretty things. Pride and Prejudice. Downton Abbey. Tumblr is an escape: I want to make it as beautiful as possible.

Hello there :) thank you for visiting!

My name is Lucinda Baker-Wyse and I’m 19 years old; I live in Worcestershire, England. I’m currently studying an Art intensive year towards University, which is so good! I’d love to go into design/advertising.

I’m ridiculously obsessed with Downton Abbey. 

Pride and Prejudice is my favourite film.

My Grandad invented the bean-bag chair.

Thoroughly British (right down to the Queen-like accent, obviously)

Tumblr is my guilty pleasure

Feel free to send me a message: i’ll always be happy to reply and have a chat

Instagram: @luciebakerwyse